Götz Kiso

Education: Universities of Göttingen, Freiburg, Hamburg.

Götz Kiso commenced his career in the music- and entertainment industry in 1974 when he joined the Legal Department of PolyGram International in Hamburg where he specialised in multimedia-, entertainment- and copyright law.

In 1979 he became Legal Counsel to the music publishing group Intersong International and was appointed to the board of the German Music Publisher's Association becoming Chairman of the Legal Committee.

He was appointed Managing Director of Intersong GmbH in 1980, and following a takeover of this Company some time later, retained his position as Managing Director of Chappell/Intersong.

Götz Kiso's career in the music industry progressed further when in 1987, following a takeover of Chappell/Intersong by Warner Communications, he was promoted to the position of European President of Warner/Chappell.

In 1988 Götz Kiso returned to the PolyGramGroup as Managing Director of Polydor GmbH, which – under his directorship – has enjoyed its most successful growth period.

In 1998 Götz Kiso left Polydor and founded his own law firm.

Dr. Torsten Siefert

Education: Torsten Siefert studied law in Freiburg i.Br. and worked thereafter as trainee solicitor in Rottweil, Los Angeles and London.

In 1994 he became Legal & Business Affairs Manager for the Universal Music group and advised Mercury Records GmbH, Deutsche Grammophon and Universal Music Publishing GmbH.

1998 he received a doctor´s degree.

In 1998 Torsten Siefert left the Universal Music Group and joined Götz Kiso to found the law firm "Kiso & Siefert Rechtsanwälte". In addition Torsten Siefert works as a university lecturer at the Hamburg University for Music and Theatre since 2001.

Torsten Siefert has longtime experience in all aspects of the music industry including recording agreements, concert- and touring agreements, sponsorship agreements, management agreements and publishing agreements. His clients include many highly prestigious artists, songwriters, producers, publishing companies and record labels. Torsten Siefert accompanied various major acquisitions of music publishing catalogues, publishing companies and record companies. He further advises national and international brands in respect of their music- and media activities.

Torsten Siefert is highly specialized in the field of musical and theatre. His clients are domestic and international stage producers, theatres, stage publishers, composers, librettists, actors and musical production investors. The counselling often reaches beyond legal assistance.

Torsten Siefert advised Udo Lindenberg on the realization of his musical "Hinterm Horizont" (over 2 million tickets sold) and currently counsels Tina Turner in the development of her musical "Tina" opening at London West End April 2018.

Torsten Siefert was also involved in the following musical productions: "Hinterm Horizont", "Falco meets Amadeus", "Daddy Cool", "Ich war noch niemals in New York", "Tarzan", "Buddy – Das Buddy Holly Musical", "Dirty Dancing", "Ich will Spass!", "Der Schuh des Manitu", "Elements", "Excalibur – The Celtic Rock Opera", "Martin Luther King – The King of Love".

Karsten Dropmann

Education: Karsten Dropmann studied law in Münster and worked as trainee solicitor in Hamburg, Munich and New York.
From 1998 until 1999 Karsten Dropmann worked in the Legal Department of the Universal Music Group, Germany before joining the lawfirm "Kiso & Siefert Rechtsanwälte" in 2000. He was made a partner in 2004. In 2007 the lawfirm changed into "Kiso Siefert Dropmann Rechtsanwälte".

Karsten Dropmann has great experience in all aspects of the music industry including acting for national and international high-profile artists, songwriters and producers as well as independent record labels and publishers. He does further counsel clients in relation to the creation of new joint ventures with majors and independents and the sale and purchase of record companies and music publishing catalogues.

He has also great expertise in the drafting and negotiation of concert- and touring agreements, sponsorship agreements, management agreements and some further music and media related work, including the representation of some big national and international brands in the field of music/entertainment.

In addition, Karsten Dropmann is highly specialized in the worldwide representation of rightholders (e.g. musicians and actors) vis-à-vis societies collecting Neighbouring Rights royalties.

Bettina Strehl

Bettina Strehl studied law at the University of Hamburg and worked as a trainee solicitor in Hamburg and Sydney. In the course of her studies as well as during her legal internship, Bettina Strehl worked in several law firms engaging primarily in the field of media law, commercial law and corporate law. She joined the law firm „Kiso Siefert Dropmann Rechtsanwälte“ in 2006. She is a certified specialist in media and copyright law and has completed the advanced training course for certified commercial and corporate lawyers.

She has extensive experience in advising on legal and commercial aspects of national and international music and entertainment law. Her expertise ranges from negotiating and drafting contracts to either dispute resolution or the legal enforcement of claims. This includes the incorporation and reorganisation of enterprises (e.g. GbR, OHG, GmbH& Co. KG, GmbH). Bettina Strehl advises artists, independent labels as well as other parties involved in the negotiation of contracts regulating all relevant issues of the music and entertainment industry. Among others, this concerns artist-, licence-, distribution-, concert-, sponsoring-, testimonial and management agreements.

Furthermore Bettina Strehl is a successful triathlon athlete competing on all distances and even participated Ironman Hawaii twice. Therefore she has a thorough understanding and appreciation for sports law, which is a field of law often overlapping with the key aspects of entertainment law.

As a member of several consortiums, Bettina Strehl is actively participating in the process of interpretation and development of the law. She is a member of the Consortium for Intellectual Property and Media Law founded by the German Bar Association (DAV); the German Association for Industrial Property and Copyright (GRUR), the Consortium for Sports Law, founded by the German Bar Association (DAV) as well as of the German federation of female lawyers (DJB).